speedthrough of “youth portrait”

A short and speedy video of my process with “youth portrait” (seen in my previous post). 10 minutes made to 3:-) Music is by the great and fairly unknown (in Norway) Jack Savoretti!


youth portrait

This is the season for youth portraits in Norway, as we are heading for “confirmation season”/konfirmasjonsesongen. 3 years ago, I took her sister’s photos, and now it was Erle who is up for confirmation. I decided to try a totally new location in Trondheim, at least new to me. We headed for the golf course,…

Cold & Rain

Ever since my last shoot with Elisabeth Bolme, before she entered the fitness competitions (Sandefjord Open and Oslo GP), we had planned to do something just after stage weekend. Yesterday, we headed for a local forest next to where I live. We actually built a shed, using that as a changing room…needless to say, this…