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Laugskonkurranse Trøndelag 2014

I helga mottok jeg prisen for “Årets Fotograf” i Trøndelag, etter å ha fått 320 poeng i laugskonkurransen 2014. Med 4 premierte bilder var det likevel jevnt, da Dag Asle Langø hadde 320 poeng.
Bildene fikk følgende poengsummer:
“Powergirl” – 75 poeng (hederig omtale)
“Human Wrecking Ball” – 80 poeng (bronse)
“Big Kiss” – 80 poeng (bronse)
“Comeback Kid” – 88 poeng (sølv)
Bildene presenteres i galleri her!
This weekend I received the title as “Photographer of the year 2014” in the annual regional competition in Trøndelag. I entered with (the maximum) of 4 photos, resulting in 320 points.
The score was tight however, as Dag Asle Langø had 320 points…
Fotograf i Trondheim

New gear – testing

Lately I visited New York, and came across Adorama in which I discovered Flashpoint 14″ Fluorescent Dimmable Ring Light .
This low-cost light source was something I found worth trying out, and found space in my hand luggage. Recently, I have put this to use, both outside and in the studio, and here are some examples.

Fotograf i Trondheim