Making Of “City Lade Tango”

I have recently done some work for Headspin Advertising and City Lade. The results are displayed in various media, and the idea was to have a similar profile for the different images. Here is a short explanation of the process.
In one picture, local tango dancers were models, wearing beautiful outfits for the occation. Of course, working in a small studio can be challenging when trying to get an authentic look, but they did a great job!
The final image of them (without the advertising profile):


Not surprising, this is a composite…I went to a neighborhood not far from the mall (City Lade) and got some okay exposures, for making an HDR background.



These were completed in Photomatix Pro, and then in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.
The studio shot was set up with three lights, to get some edgy light.
Having selected the photo of the dancers, this was processed next.



The above adjustments were applied, before finishing off in Photoshop, cut out and finally blended and adjusted. I added a sky for a little drama, and weak sun. Because the idea was to create a sense of winter, light snow had to be added as well… Time consuming process, also because this might be viewed quite large (huge posters), and thus has to be close to perfect!


Making of “City Lade – QALIFA”

As for my previous post, this is some of the work behind another image for Headspin Advertising and City Lade. This time working with local fresh hip-hop artist Qalifa!
The final image (without advertising profile):


Again, this is a composite. I found a decent location, not far from City Lade (the mall), and made 5 exposures (for later blending into an HDR). These originally looked like this:


After blending these in Photomatix Pro, and further in Adobe Bridge/Photoshop, I had to cut Qalifa out from this studio shot:


Not too hard, but again, this might be on huge posters and has to be done well…the following screenshots show some layers and processing for the final image.

Skjermbilde_PS1 Skjermbilde_PS2 Skjermbilde_PS3

As you can se from these, Qalifa is cut out and blended with the background with a more dramatic sky and sun. The snow is again part of the winter theme.
Lots of work, but a great learning process as well as GREAT fun! I think it looks quite good, and hope you like it!!

wet dancer

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting another dancer. Ann recently graduated a professional dancer, and this was kind of a promotion shoot for her, providing something a little different.
Again, I visited a nearby (as in close to my studio) location and we made our way through assorted vegatation to find decent spots. Also, we found a small creek, and discovered there was mud underneath. Knee-high in water, I found myself sinking and had to work fast.
Anyway, here are some of the photos made yesterday, and there is more to come.