Fotograf i Trondheim in action

Å være fotograf i Trondheim i bryllup er en ære og fornøyelse!
Her er en liten behind-the-scenes video fra årets siste og vakre bryllupsfotografering i Trondheim!😁
Takk til sporty forlovere som stilte som videograf, pyrotekniker og assistent! Ikke bare bare når man skal leke med røykgranater 😁 Det viste seg å være utfordrende da det gnistret fra granaten…Det vi likevel var mest bekymret for var om røyken utløste varsling til brannvesenet!
Heldigvis gikk alt bra, slik at fotografen kunne kose seg med å gjøre jobben sin!
Fotograf i Trondheim John Andre Aasen

Hanne & Johan

Årets siste bryllup for min del 🙂 En herlig dog noe kjølig dag, spesielt for bruden under fotograferinga! De vakre høstfargene sørget for mine omgivelser ved høgskoleparken i Trondheim, og som bryllupsfotograf var det en glede å være en del av dagen!
Gratulerer så mye Hanne & Johan 🙂
Gleder meg til neste sesong starter, og booking er tilgjengelig via

Fotograf John Andre Aasen – Trondheim

Kristin & Christian

I august hadde jeg gleden av å overvære og dokumentere en nydelig dag for Kristin og Christian. Tidligere på året hadde vi avtalt å gjennomføre fotograferingen i nærliggende skog, rett og slett i Bymarka! Noe avhengig av værforhold, krysset alle fingrene for at dette skulle la seg gjennomføre :-).

Heldigvis ble det opphold under mesteparten av fotograferinga, og ved GOD hjelp av forlover, testa vi pyrotekniske hjelpemidler som røykgranat (for første gang for min del). Håper virkelig ingen ble skremt av røyken, som ble relativt tett over Trondheimsskogen.
Takk for sporty gjennomføring! Her er noen få glimt fra dagen…

Fotograf John Andre Aasen

Landskonkurransen 2016 NFF

This year I entered with 4 photos as usual, and I received 3 Honorable Mentions/diplomas. In competition with 181 other Professional photographers inculding 716 other photos, I am fairly satisfied with receiving these, even if my competitive instinct always want victory!

Here are my entries for 2016

Kick-Ass Rescue Chick – Honorable Mention

Victorious – Honorable mention

Eyeliner – Honorable Mention


Resurrection – no prize


The story behind “Mercy”

Written in 2011, this is how a simple shot (and this was just a test shot really) can transform into a prize winning image!

Today I feel I created something special, not just because the three wonderful kids are my family. But because the moment I was finished, I was filled with a certain sentiment.
The photo made me feel something…and I thought I could share how I accomplished the finished result.
The light was set up by 4 lights:
– 1 on the white background
– 1 main light (deep octa)
– 2 softboxes as backlights from each side
This is straight from raw (1/160 f8)


Step one was of course twisting the raw file, reducing saturation and adjusting temperature/exposure/fill light/recovery/blacks until I was happy with my vision.
After converting, croping was necessary to get rid of the elements that had nothing to do with the essentials of this photo. After all, this is all about their faces and expressions, as well as the great work by stylist Vidar Graven.
A little softing was applied, but not much as these are children. Too much would just look unnatural.
The fun part was experimenting with textures, and I used two different ones, which I have used several times before:
I played around with these, adjusting tones, opactiy and applied gaussian blur to all, and ended up with one layer of the “old paper” set to soft light, and two layers of the “grunge” texture, also set to soft light.
When happy with the transitions, I flattened the image, and started working in a color software, adding several layers of “low key” toning, as well as lighting the center/darkening the surroundings. This is a test of patience, as you never get totally happy…but in the end I just had to save and see what happened.
And this is when I realized I had something here! Slowly working the edges, adding some contrast, and then removing some, I got to the final stage of color adjustment. This is where I finished, and got this:

And finally, the awards

  • Bronze NFF Landskonkurranse 2013
  • Photography Masters Cup Nominee 2013 – Fashion
  • Silver NFF Laugskonkurranse 2012

Laugskonkurransen 2015

Great! I managed 317 points in the regional competition for preofessional photographers in Trøndelag/Norway!!
All 4 photos received prizes, 3 honorable mention (just below bronze score) and 1 bronze. Here are the photographs, with a little story of how they came to life:


This is Ingvild, a former collegue, who dared to test the cool waters this spring. The idea was to make her be totally still, with her eye very close to the surface. I am not a master of black and white, but this just had to be…

Kick-Ass Rescue Chick


My sweet Isabella, originally modeling here for NTNU posing as “energy girl”; this is a spin-off as I liked her home made superhero costume (thus KickAss like the movie). The background is shot on the roof of St. Olavs hospital in Trondheim.


A marvelous wedding day just a month ago, featuring Therese & Alex. This setting was planned, as we brought loads of bottles with soap, passing them out to strangers in the streets of Trondheim. As always, Alex shows a lot of energy and emotion! Just loved the shot, which also had to be black and white.


This is actually from a few years ago, and something I have considered for competition many times. Earlier I have produced an image called “outflight”, so this is the reverse version, themewise. The model is styled by Silje Denstad, a local hairdresser.

Thanks a million for support and hopefully I will produce more for later competitions!!

Therese & Alex

I had the pleasure of joining Therese & Alex during their wonderful day, August 1st! Starting at 8.30 am, and finishing at about 2 am it was a long day to be honest, but such an amazing experience, and great day. Sometimes it just doesn´t feel like work…
I spent the morning with the bride (and the entourage of bridesmaids) in a charming house, before heading of to meet the groom and family at the church. Already, my memory cards were starting to fill up with loads of, what I was hoping to be, amazing moments for their future memories. Little did I know that we had barely started! During their romantic wedding, so many expressions were captured, with lovely and great people attending, from both Norway and Kenya.
After the ceremony, the entourage followed to a location: Leangen Gård.
Leangen Gård provided a romantic garden setting, where we had some fun. I tried my best not to appear stressed for time, because I really wanted to make it to the next location before the reception at 5 pm… We had planned to bring loads of soap water, to hand out to strangers, tourists, random people, and create a tunnel of people blowing bubbles at them while running around Bakklandet (one of my favorite areas of Trondheim).
We made it there, and performed the “stunt”, before time ran out and we had to make it over to the hotel where the party was continuing!

And what a setting for a wedding! The hotel is situated by the sea, and with the roof top restaurant you can`t go wrong, especially at a day like this…After a long streak of rainy summer days, this was more or less the first sunny day! Perfect for a rooftop wedding party.
The rest of the night was spent listening to beautiful and entertaining speeches, great food, interesting dancing and chatting to both strangers and familiar faces. After all, I know Alex from the boxing circle, and some of the guests were people I know.
I also had a designated corner for a Photo Booth which worked well.

Thanks again, Therese and Alex for letting me be part of your wonderful day, and good luck in the years to come!!