Lately, I have been preoccupied finishing the work for NTNU. The assignment here was creating 5 images, each representing an area of focus for NTNU (Health, Sustainability, Energy and Ocean). The 5th image is a group shot of the superheroes togehter…The idea behind this, is children dressing up as superheros, with props they could have found themselves, not high tech inventions. For this matter, I brought in necessary assistance in Vidar Graven, friend and stylist, who master these issues better than me. With sewing skills and creativity, he found the necessary means to complete the outfits!
Well, the models are selected from various sources. “Energy Girl” is Isabella, my daughter age 6.”Sustainability Boy” is Odin, a boy I have worked with before during sessions for City Lade. “Ocean Boy” is the son of my former boss actually – I guess he had the most challenging job of the models, having to jump on a trampoline during terrible weather outside my home. “Health Girl(s)” are daughter of a friend´s friend. Her fit elderly lady climbing with her, is someone I found via Facebook friends. When I called her and described the mission, she just laughed and said yes immediately!! Sporty chick!
The process has been hard at times, but in the end I hope NTNU are pleased with this, and for my own part it has been a great learning experience. Also, a personal favorite of “KickAss Rescue Chick” came in the aftermath :-).


2015 – NEW opportunities

My first funshoot in 2015! Stylist Mats Heitmann presented me with an idea late last year, and finally we were able to make it happen! Stian, the model, had his body painted, and all I had to do was contact a local nightclub to get access (Studio 26). Stian is working his way toward fitness competition this spring, and yeah, he is in shape already, but to create a more dramatic effect I had to replace the abs at this point. No doubt, he will look even better than this shortly!
And, having this arranged, I got in touch with Nicole Sunde from Trendmodels ( She was able to get there for some spontaneous work as well.
Here are a few examples 🙂


My last few months have been rather quit as to producing new material. Well, I did do one cool job for Headspin advertising (City Lade). Lots of work, but good fun and great people as well as exposure. Here are a few images from this work.

I look forward to working with Headspin in the near future, as we have plans for Mother´s day and hopefully Valentine!!

Laugskonkurranse Trøndelag 2014

I helga mottok jeg prisen for “Ă…rets Fotograf” i Trøndelag, etter ĂĄ ha fĂĄtt 320 poeng i laugskonkurransen 2014. Med 4 premierte bilder var det likevel jevnt, da Dag Asle Langø hadde 320 poeng.
Bildene fikk følgende poengsummer:
“Powergirl” – 75 poeng (hederig omtale)
“Human Wrecking Ball” – 80 poeng (bronse)
“Big Kiss” – 80 poeng (bronse)
“Comeback Kid” – 88 poeng (sølv)
Bildene presenteres i galleri her!
This weekend I received the title as “Photographer of the year 2014” in the annual regional competition in Trøndelag. I entered with (the maximum) of 4 photos, resulting in 320 points.
The score was tight however, as Dag Asle Langø had 320 points…
Fotograf i Trondheim

New gear – testing

Lately I visited New York, and came across Adorama in which I discovered Flashpoint 14″ Fluorescent Dimmable Ring Light .
This low-cost light source was something I found worth trying out, and found space in my hand luggage. Recently, I have put this to use, both outside and in the studio, and here are some examples.

Fotograf i Trondheim

wet dancer

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting another dancer. Ann recently graduated a professional dancer, and this was kind of a promotion shoot for her, providing something a little different.
Again, I visited a nearby (as in close to my studio) location and we made our way through assorted vegatation to find decent spots. Also, we found a small creek, and discovered there was mud underneath. Knee-high in water, I found myself sinking and had to work fast.
Anyway, here are some of the photos made yesterday, and there is more to come.

Sandra Jokic

Sandra Jokic is a personal trainer, as well as a student, dedicating a lot of time, energy and effort to her body.
She has now left for Barcelona to participate in the IFBB Bikinifitness, European Championship. Just before Sandra left, I was able to get a couple of hours shooting at “Byneset”, where she lives. The weather was constantly changing, and windy (cold), but we had to make the best of it. Sandra proved easy to work with, as we had no plan, but played it by air.

Here are a few examples from this day, and hopefully I will work with her again when she returns from Spain (with a trophy!!). I wish her the best of luck.
And…please visit her BLOG for updates on her Barcelona appearance!

Photography Masters Cup

Again, I got some awards from “Photography Masters Cup” or “Color Awards”, as some call it. This is an international competition with a wide range of participation. A couple of years back, I managed to win a 3rd place in Fashion. Last year, I was nominated with 4 images. This year, I was nominated with 5;
– 3 in Fashion
– 1 in Fine Art
– 1 in Portrait