youth portrait

This is the season for youth portraits in Norway, as we are heading for “confirmation season”/konfirmasjonsesongen.
3 years ago, I took her sister’s photos, and now it was Erle who is up for confirmation. I decided to try a totally new location in Trondheim, at least new to me. We headed for the golf course, which lucky for us is not open yet…I like the landscape and curves, and there are some other buildings on site available.
The light was kind of tricky, being in the middle of the day (Easter Monday), and my starting point in photoshop was this (not extremely fantastic):

Skjermbilde 2014-04-22 kl. 22.25.06


The adjustments were:

Skjermbilde 2014-04-22 kl. 22.24.39

I knew then I would have something to work on further. The layers look like this in the finished photo:

Skjermbilde 2014-04-22 kl. 22.26.40

Kind of cool (or at least better) in just a few minutes of working. The final image will be something like this:


Cold & Rain

Ever since my last shoot with Elisabeth Bolme, before she entered the fitness competitions (Sandefjord Open and Oslo GP), we had planned to do something just after stage weekend.
Yesterday, we headed for a local forest next to where I live. We actually built a shed, using that as a changing room…needless to say, this was a cold experience for her, and we went for effectiveness! Here are a few…






Last week I had the pleasure of shooting my first album cover. Rita is releasing her debut song “Carousel of Dreams” (Drømmens karusell) February 14th, on Valentine´s Day!
This has been a dream for Rita since she was a young girl, and finally all the work, effort and desire she has put in results in realizing her dream.

Look for her music at Spotify, as well as in local shops in Trondheim, as the song is beautiful.
The cover will look more or less like this. Rita´s thoughts were in the direction of a dreamy look, and we originally shot on location. However, the wind on this day was powerful, as well as cold…This resulted in involuntary tears and a chilly look. We decided to re-shoot in studio (as I luckily had saved files to make an HDR of the background).
Rita is happy with this end-product, and all that is left is wishing her the best of luck for the release!




comeback kid

Shutterblock has been more or less inactive during 2013…but this will hopefully change in 2014! This week, a client cancelled his appointment, allowing me to play for 30 minutes. The result was a couple of self-portraits. Although composited rather quickly, I found them presentable enough for my website. Of course, this is a mix of my two passions, boxing and photography, passions I will further pursue in 2014!


During the last month I have had the pleasure of doing some confirmation photography. My aim is to make these a little informal, and create photos with a more lasting effect; a portrait telling the world who they are/were at the time rather than during the specific session. Hopefully the girls/boys themselves are proud to see their portrait on a relatives’ wall somewhere…


Nina & Arild

I guess I have been a little busy lately, neglecting to congratulate Nina and Arild on their wedding day April 26th 2013!

It was a chilly but very nice experience, working with this couple and I believe both them and I had great time. At least, they seemed to be comfortable to enjoy an hour break from the otherwise at times stressful day a wedding can be.
Here are some examples from our time together!


Together with stylist Nina Tårnes and Ingrid as model, I made a day trip to Hegra where we had found an old school, now a museum.
The classroom itself was quite full of antique stuff that could not be easily moved around, and thus a difficult scene to light properly. However, ideas came along and this is what it lead to.