wet dancer

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting another dancer. Ann recently graduated a professional dancer, and this was kind of a promotion shoot for her, providing something a little different.
Again, I visited a nearby (as in close to my studio) location and we made our way through assorted vegatation to find decent spots. Also, we found a small creek, and discovered there was mud underneath. Knee-high in water, I found myself sinking and had to work fast.
Anyway, here are some of the photos made yesterday, and there is more to come.

Cold & Rain

Ever since my last shoot with Elisabeth Bolme, before she entered the fitness competitions (Sandefjord Open and Oslo GP), we had planned to do something just after stage weekend.
Yesterday, we headed for a local forest next to where I live. We actually built a shed, using that as a changing room…needless to say, this was a cold experience for her, and we went for effectiveness! Here are a few…





personal workshop – summary and slideshow!

A few weeks ago I decided to spend 5 days of shooting. Something just for fun, other ideas were more planned. I made appointments with various models, and tried to fit in as much as possible in my schedule.
First, I visited an industrial site (where I previous week made sure to get permission, which is rare there) to shoot HDR backgrounds, knowing I would spend time in my studio and get material for compositions.
Of course, shooting for five days relieves you of time, as editing is a huge part of my process, at least for some of my work.
The first day, my objective was shooting the player (which is documented in previous post). Then, bodybuilder Kim Johnny Falk paid me a visit. Lucky for me, the visit was a friendly one, but the photos I wanted was not the ones you associate with friendship and nice-guy.
I am very pleased with “human wrecking ball”, my personal recent favorite. This was of course not easy for me to process, and learning by doing played a huge role in this project. But my initial vision was fulfilled.

Tuesday I met up with Jannicke Larsen Hustad at Training Room in Trondheim for fitness shooting. Here, I loved that colorful yellow wall I found. I immediately knew what I wanted from the light and could see the end product whilst pushing the shutter…
Also, there are some faces and light-learning-portraits, and I finished off with the female samurai on her search for revenge ;-).

The photos here are my first chosen ones, but there will be more when I find the time to process them.
There might also be a BTS from “human wrecking ball”….if desired.

Project Style

Recently, I teamed up with stylist Vidar Graven (currently living in Barcelona) and 3 models for a full day event in Trondheim. Vidar spent about 6 hours of styling, and had prepared 3 different outfits, to bring out the models’ charachter and style.
Despite constant change in wheather, and windy conditions, we managed to bring out the best of every location and shot, and we were both happy with the results!
Note! One model is not in this gallery, as Vidar is entering a stylist competition with this one. This will be posted on FACEBOOK later this summer, and possibly the blog.
Note 2! More images from this photoshoot can be found on Facebook and my webpage

miss pink

My daughter aged 4 did not mind being painted pink…I guess it was close to a dream! However, when all the paint was on, and myself ready to shoot, her patience was somewhat over …but these are some examples of what came to life.
(ps! she might loved being painted, but getting it off was not her favorite activity:-))



John Andre Aasen //


Together with stylist Nina TÃ¥rnes and Ingrid as model, I made a day trip to Hegra where we had found an old school, now a museum.
The classroom itself was quite full of antique stuff that could not be easily moved around, and thus a difficult scene to light properly. However, ideas came along and this is what it lead to.