Landskonkurransen 2016 NFF

This year I entered with 4 photos as usual, and I received 3 Honorable Mentions/diplomas. In competition with 181 other Professional photographers inculding 716 other photos, I am fairly satisfied with receiving these, even if my competitive instinct always want victory!

Here are my entries for 2016

Kick-Ass Rescue Chick – Honorable Mention

Victorious – Honorable mention

Eyeliner – Honorable Mention


Resurrection – no prize


The Player

Several years ago I came across a photo that inspired me to create “the player”, a photo by the image-genious Dave Hill.
My main problem was finding a chess board that matched the idea, and I was fortunate to find one in a fashion shop, Carma. They had no problem lending me this one for the weekend. Well aware of its’ value ($1500), I transported the board CAREFULLY.
Another issue was finding the model, as the original model called in sick 2 hours before shooting…I originally wanted a blonde model, but I guess the dark Joana worked perfectly. Thanks to Mats Heitmann, she looked as “fierce” as she should be for this job.
Here is my chosen exposure, with the development settings.


The background (chess patterned) was already made in photoshop. I also shot a few pictures of the king, with the idea to get this in the end result.


Of course, the editing process was time consuming and difficult, and the end result was not perfect. But at least I got it done:-). Sometimes, following up on ides is a satisfaction in itself!





For 4-5 år siden fotograferte jeg Hanna i anledning hennes konfirmasjon, og jeg husker at hun trivdes godt foran kamera, og bildene ble etter min subjektive mening en av sesongens beste. Nå har hun blitt 19 år, og jeg hadde gleden av å ha henne på besøk i studio for litt lek med hår, makeup og lys, og ikke minst spontanitet.
Med på laget hadde jeg Embla Høyland Skognes, som tok seg av hår og makeup. Noen eksempler kommer her:



All photos copyright of John Andre Aasen /// www.phokus.no