Jeg ønsker alle konfirmanter lykke til og gratulerer med dagen 🙂 Samtidig ønsker jeg å benytte anledningen til å vise alle som enda ikke har booket fotograf at jeg har en del ledig kapasitet til å fotografere deg/dine! Se www.phokus.no for din konfirmantfotograf!

more portraits of youth

Here are a few more portraits of youth (konfirmasjonsfoto). This time it is Per Oskar, a cool character. I used my very portable Elinchrom ranger quadra with an octagon softbox for most of these, combined with natural light. Quite a bright day, so a few challenges along the way, but I think they turned out…

speedthrough of “youth portrait”

A short and speedy video of my process with “youth portrait” (seen in my previous post). 10 minutes made to 3:-) Music is by the great and fairly unknown (in Norway) Jack Savoretti!

youth portrait

This is the season for youth portraits in Norway, as we are heading for “confirmation season”/konfirmasjonsesongen. 3 years ago, I took her sister’s photos, and now it was Erle who is up for confirmation. I decided to try a totally new location in Trondheim, at least new to me. We headed for the golf course,…


During the last month I have had the pleasure of doing some confirmation photography. My aim is to make these a little informal, and create photos with a more lasting effect; a portrait telling the world who they are/were at the time rather than during the specific session. Hopefully the girls/boys themselves are proud to…