Landskonkurransen 2016 NFF

This year I entered with 4 photos as usual, and I received 3 Honorable Mentions/diplomas. In competition with 181 other Professional photographers inculding 716 other photos, I am fairly satisfied with receiving these, even if my competitive instinct always want victory!

Here are my entries for 2016

Kick-Ass Rescue Chick – Honorable Mention

Victorious – Honorable mention

Eyeliner – Honorable Mention


Resurrection – no prize


Laugskonkurransen 2015

Great! I managed 317 points in the regional competition for preofessional photographers in Trøndelag/Norway!!
All 4 photos received prizes, 3 honorable mention (just below bronze score) and 1 bronze. Here are the photographs, with a little story of how they came to life:


This is Ingvild, a former collegue, who dared to test the cool waters this spring. The idea was to make her be totally still, with her eye very close to the surface. I am not a master of black and white, but this just had to be…

Kick-Ass Rescue Chick


My sweet Isabella, originally modeling here for NTNU posing as “energy girl”; this is a spin-off as I liked her home made superhero costume (thus KickAss like the movie). The background is shot on the roof of St. Olavs hospital in Trondheim.


A marvelous wedding day just a month ago, featuring Therese & Alex. This setting was planned, as we brought loads of bottles with soap, passing them out to strangers in the streets of Trondheim. As always, Alex shows a lot of energy and emotion! Just loved the shot, which also had to be black and white.


This is actually from a few years ago, and something I have considered for competition many times. Earlier I have produced an image called “outflight”, so this is the reverse version, themewise. The model is styled by Silje Denstad, a local hairdresser.

Thanks a million for support and hopefully I will produce more for later competitions!!

NFF Landskonkurranse 2015

This year I reached nr 6 in the annual national championship for professional photographers in Norway (NFF)!
Entering with 4 photos, I had all 4 winning prizes (honorable mention). Only 8 photographers managed to get all 4 above 70 points (which is the minimum score for winning prizes) this year, and although I didn´t receive any medals I am happy with the result.
Here are my photos for 2015.

Laugskonkurranse Trøndelag 2014

I helga mottok jeg prisen for “Årets Fotograf” i Trøndelag, etter å ha fått 320 poeng i laugskonkurransen 2014. Med 4 premierte bilder var det likevel jevnt, da Dag Asle Langø hadde 320 poeng.
Bildene fikk følgende poengsummer:
“Powergirl” – 75 poeng (hederig omtale)
“Human Wrecking Ball” – 80 poeng (bronse)
“Big Kiss” – 80 poeng (bronse)
“Comeback Kid” – 88 poeng (sølv)
Bildene presenteres i galleri her!
This weekend I received the title as “Photographer of the year 2014” in the annual regional competition in Trøndelag. I entered with (the maximum) of 4 photos, resulting in 320 points.
The score was tight however, as Dag Asle Langø had 320 points…
Fotograf i Trondheim

Landskonkurransen 2013 – happy nr 8!

Okay, so the result is official – I placed 8th!
For this competition, 163 photographers entered with a total of 673 photographs.  3 of mine reached 70 points or more, thus counting for the overall place, which in 2013 was 8! Included here were 2 honorable mention (70 p and 74 p, and 1 bronze (83 p).
For the first time the jury were viewing digital files, and I am sure this was challenging both for jury and photographers…when I discussed with myself (and a selected few) which photos to enter, several were rejected because of digital noise/faults, so following this I will pay even more attention to my files in editing.
Congratulations to the winner, Jens Edgar Haugen, who won for the 4th year in a row! Outstanding!
Finally, here are my photographs


And, this one was rejected, getting 69 points (one point from honorable mention).